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Ted Hilton is the orignial author and the first to submit legislation to the state’s Legislative Counsel in 1992 for issuance of California driver’s licenses for only citizens and lawfully residing residents. That legislation, SB 976 passed in 1993, was written from this text. His proposed initiatives from the early 1990's were later sent to Rep. Sensenbrenner who crafted the federal Real ID Act of 2005, in which several of the provisions are included.

Ted Hilton has authored several commentary op-eds; a ground-breaking call in the Sacramento Bee, February, 1992, to end public school education to those here illegally.

On March 4, 1994, Ted Hilton's commentary on the 14th Amendment was published in The Daily Journal, the legal newspaper for County of Los Angeles. The newspaper stated it would research the article for accuracy before printing, and the editors titled it "Unconstitutional Citizenship." The article revealed the truth about the original intent of the subject to the jurisdiction clause and called on the state to stop registering births to those here unlawfully. He was the first to propose and draft laws to issue a different birth certificate to children born to unauthorized aliens. This served as congressional research for Rep. Brian Bilbray who became the first congressman to introduce legislation to correctly interpret the 14th Amendment in 1995.

In 1995, the Los Angeles Times printed his article on how to improve the use of state identification to stop services to illegal migrants, prevent welfare fraud, and deter criminals.

On July 8, 2011 the San Diego Union Tribune printed his groundbreaking Birthright Citizenship article "Hearings Could Reveal True Meaning." Unknown facts from the Wong Kim Ark decision were revealed.

As a graduate student Ted Hilton became a scholar of Constitutional Law, and over the last 20 years has researched the 14th Amendment's original intent, the debates written in the Congressional Globe, along with the study of numerous United States Supreme Court citizenship and jurisdiction decisions including Wong Kim Ark in its entirety.

One of his degrees is in Mexican-American Studies, with research on the reasons why nation's develop a permanent underclass or Third World society. He has studied, taught, and written about this population beginning in the 1970's. Ted has lived and studied in Chile and visited extensively throughout Latin America.

On May 4, 1991, at the border, Ted Hilton held the world’s first press conference on biometric identification for one of its creators, George Warfel, who had recently testified before Congress. Mr. Warfel unveiled the ID as a tool to stop illegal migrations.

September 1991, Ted Hilton attended with the official County of San Diego delegation to meet congressional staff and lobby in Washington, D.C. for immigrant impact funds that were due San Diego County from the 1986 amnesty.

He helped to bring national and international media to San Diego and held the first daytime demonstrations along the border and in various communities around San Diego County in 1990 to show the lack of border fencing, and the illegal migrant camps with fires in public parks and on private property.

Ted worked closely on the initiative's text with the state's attorneys and state legislators.


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