California Welfare Reform Act of 2014

Summary of the “Welfare to Work” Initiative: * The Department of Social Services will develop a job placement program to actively seek and locate available jobs from the business community, then require applicants to apply for those jobs including jobs in public works. Seeking employment is a condition for receiving full benefits. * The DSS will develop a program with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to designate inmates released, with children in CalWORKS, to enroll in the job placement program. California has a 70% recidivism rate but studies from America Works show that when a parolee works six months, that rate drops below 10%. Law enforcement officials have expressed support. * A California Driver’s License or Identification card shall be required of any adult applicant for social services applying on their own behalf. Children required to possess a birth certificate and Social Security number. * The Dept. of Social Services will maintain the identification records of all recipients including the names of absent parents, from each county, in a state data base to be verified quarterly for duplicate documentation. Legislative Analyst’s analysis for the California Welfare Reform Act of 2014 (same measure as Welfare to Work): Reduction in Costs to Provide Assistance Due to Smaller Caseloads. This measure would result in lower state and county costs to provide assistance by reducing the caseloads of public social services programs in several ways. Additional documentation requirements could result in fewer applicants being found eligible for public social services as well as fewer individuals choosing to apply. Finally, the employment outreach program would also likely result in lower CalWORKs caseloads as (1) a greater number of recipients find employment and leave public assistance and (2) some recipients choose not to participate, making them ineligible for public assistance. Taken together, these effects could result in reduced assistance costs for state and county governments potentially in the hundreds of millions of dollars annually. These savings, however, could be partially offset by increased county general assistance costs. Endorsements: Orange County Lincoln Club Legislative Committee Orange County Republican Party Executive Committee

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